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CFST Welcomes Coach Colton

Colton Babcock began his swimming career with the Columbia Falls Swim Team. He swam for eight years under various CFST coaches before moving to the Wave Ryders Swim Club year-round program in Whitefish. Colton has competed at Senior Zones twice, Senior Sectionals four times and recently competed at Junior Nationals in Texas. He has been awarded with the Sportsman of the Year award by the USA Swimming Montana Swim board. Colton will continue his swim career at the college level next fall. We are excited to welcome Colton as an assistant coach this summer. Not only does he bring a great deal of experience and knowledge to the team, but also an endless passion for swimming. Please join us in welcoming Coach Colton to the team!

“Swimming has made me the person I am today by teaching me to work hard, be humble, and to have fun. These traits, if given the opportunity, would be what I wish to pass on to the swimmers this summer.” -Colton Babcock

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